Volunteers promoting helpdoboj.org and posing for the media
Volunteer hard at work cleaning the local health clinic
Cleaning up the city park in cooperation with Doboj municipality
Volunteer working in the municipality building
Interns helping with flood relief efforts
Wheelbarrowing mud and dirt from the municipality building

The Doboj Flood

While the flood waters have receded, it will take the city of Doboj years to recover from the May 2014 floods.

When the flood occurred, private donors contributed thousands of dollars enabling BILD to be one of the very first organizations to arrive with help. Using BILD’s Land Rover jeep, we arrived two days before the main roads were opened. Relatively small donations were able to make a significant difference.

Emergency response

For example, the only functioning clinic had only one tongue depressor, no gloves and no disinfectant when we arrived. Daily, BILD delivered supplies to the clinic based upon the previous day's request. We also brought potable water and one of the most frequently sought items: diapers for both babies and the elderly.

Once the larger organizations arrived, we turned to volunteer actions clearing mud and helping the city get back to a sense of normal. Private donations enabled us to buy tools and bring buses of volunteers into the city to help. During the floods, cities that were once on opposite sides during the war reached out to each other to help. Volunteers from all of Doboj’s neighboring cities came to help.

Restoring Doboj’s employment sector

Now, BILD is focusing on job creation especially through information technology. The city of Doboj permanently lost businesses that hundreds of citizens depended upon for their livelihood. While some factory jobs have returned, the fastest way to high value job creation is through information technology.

video footage of our volunteers helping remove mud after the May 2014 floods

video footage of our getting emergency supplies through to Doboj during the floods

The website www.helpdoboj.org is no longer active, however, donations can still be made here.