Where we work

Our projects take place in the only urban area of BiH with
all three major cultural groups within close proximity to each other.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

a map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our regional focus

Each color represents the distinct cultures of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Funding and Impact

pie chart explaining where out funding comes from

members in our regional youth community spanning both entities and embracing all of Bosnia's rich diverse cultural heritage.


youth participants learning marketable skills at our summer institutes implemented in Doboj (RS) and Tuzla (FBiH) since 2009.


average favorability rating from surveys of participants in our courses teaching practical skills that will help youth succeed in their academic, business and civic careers.

Your Donations

SEEDS - South East Europe Development Solutions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Ithaca, NY. SEEDS has provided annual support to BILD’s projects since 2006. You can make a tax-deductible unrestricted donation to SEEDS and indicate as your donor intent supporting BILD projects with approval and oversight from SEEDS.

All members of SEEDS have volunteered previously in Bosnia and are personally familiar with our projects. Today, SEEDS board members continue to volunteer their time, keeping SEEDS‘ administration costs below 5%, and leveraging your donations to the utmost in service of SEEDS’ charitable mission. Donate today >

Katherine Cole

President of SEEDS 2024

Volunteer at BILD 2010

Lillian Aoki

Treasurer of SEEDS 2024

Volunteer at BILD 2010