meet youth in our
IT Workforce Development Program

BILD IT participants visiting IT companies based in the Bosmal City Center in Sarajevo.

Current and past activities

Where we work

Our projects take place in the only urban area of BiH with
all three major cultural groups within close proximity to each other.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

a map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our regional focus

Each color represents the distinct cultures of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Your Donations

Your donations are handled by the US-based non-profit organization

SEEDS - South East Development Solutions

SEEDS is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Ithaca, NY. All members of SEEDS have volunteered previously in Bosnia and are personally familiar with our projects. Learn more >

Doug Mitarotonda

President of SEEDS 2017

Volunteer at BILD 2003

Lillian Aoki

Secretary of SEEDS 2017

Volunteer at BILD 2010